A collection of highly interactive resources for teenagers and adults at intermediate level of English. Students can already talk about simple life-based situations and it is a great opportunity for them to make more effort, learn more advanced vocabulary and structures and become a more fluent English language user. In this course students will learn about people – the differences and similarities between them. The material also covers hopes and dreams, apologies, travels etc. The lessons become more and more difficult but that’s the reason to become even more motivated and eager to make progress.


Main features:

  • Goal-based lexical approach: for each unit clear, communicative goals are set and lexical chunks are integrated to communicate grammatical structures.

  • Vocabulary, idioms and grammar are presented in context and with real-life examples.

  • Entertaining topics that can be used directly in everyday life.

  • Survival English: "mini course within the course" for optimal preparation of authentic situations.

  • Creative extra resources like quizzes, magazine pages, recap, and more.

  • Expert English: on the dot information on language points and cultural differences.

  • Progress test: to determine the level of knowledge and specific preparation towards telc tests.



Suzanne Cohen

Paulene Grabenkamp-Frayne

Robert Kirstein

Naomi Styles

Rona McGeoch

Susan Halström-Karl



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The course is offered for free during coronavirus epidemic thanks to the support of Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH, Germany.

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